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“Using IsoTalent's on-demand recruiting solutions, we've had unanimously positive feedback from our portfolio companies. IsoTalent is a major element of our value add as a venture capital firm.”

David Frazier

Managing Partner, Frazier Group

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Recruit, hire, and legally employ international talent —
IsoTalent is the only full-service agency solution that can do all three.

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Boost Your Organization's Value

By partnering with IsoTalent's tech-enabled, global recruiting solution, you add incredible value to your clients, customers, and business. You'll have a full global hiring and recruiting team at your disposal. What better way to grow than to grow together?

Earn Active and Passive Income for Referrals

Most IsoTalent partners are integrated into our Channel Partner Referral Program, which gives organizations and individuals the means to earn one-time payouts and ongoing revenue shares. You or your organization may be eligible for this program — be sure to submit an application for more details.

Recruit Top Talent for Your Company

IsoTalent partners have a direct line to our recruiting team. When the need for top talent arises for your internal team, use our on-demand requisition model to start projects, create job listings, and make exceptional hires.

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You may be eligible to earn a percentage of revenue every time one of your referrals becomes a paying IsoTalent customer.

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