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Hourly rates save you 40%-70% on recruiting costs. Free up time, save money, and increase your team retention.

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Cost Reduction


Affordable Rates, Zero Commissions

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Hourly Rate Recruiting

No 25% commissions —just pay recruiters for the hours they actually work. Use IsoRecruiters when you need hiring services and turn us off when you don’t.

Align for Culture Add

Get paired with a top recruiter in minutes. We’ll use our evidence-backed screening methods to present candidates you’ll love to hire.

Full Visibility

Know what’s on your bill and why. Our mission is to prove low-cost, hourly rate recruitment agencies work better and faster. (Please, just say no to commissions.)

On-Demand Service

Find the talent you need, manage your cash flow, and hire at scale. Whether you're hiring one candidate or a full team, we'll help you build a culture of excellence and improve retention (while saving thousands).

Global Reach

IsoTalent can recruit international candidates for businesses of any size. When you're ready to hire and employ, we'll transition them to our global employer of record to ensure all legal compliance.

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Affordable Recruiting

IsoTalent offers hourly rates for both hiring teams and jobseekers. Our pricing is tailored for high-volume and entry level placements, technical niches, and executive search recruitment.

Standard Role

$110 / hour

Ideal for outsourcing recruitment for entry level roles. Talk to your recruiter about high-volume averages for billing and time to fill.

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Technologist Role

$125 / hour

We excel at technologist job recruitment, placing specialized roles in record time.

If your team has a hybrid or remote structure, you many interested in recruiting outside of the U.S.

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Executive Role

$200 / hour

Our executive recruiters offer proven search for C-level placements from around the globe. Our proven search and robust network allows you to outsource recruitment for your most high-stakes positions.

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International Role (After EOR Rebate)

$75 - $150 / hour

Hire us to recruit internationally based on the type of position, then receive a rebate by hiring and onboarding your candidates through our global EOR.

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Expand Hiring Globally

Think an international talent pool is out of reach for your business? With a global employer of record, you'll skip the hassles of setting up a legal entity and start hiring ASAP. Our team can recruit, hire, and legally employ global candidates on your behalf.

Learn About Global EORs

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