Sales and Marketing Recruitment

Sales Recruitment Agencies

IsoConnect’s hiring platform allows you to work with our professional recruiting team and access an extensive network of candidates. From sales experts to marketing executives, we have the pipeline to fill your key positions.

Executive Sales Recruitment

Hiring locally or remote? IsoTalent's proven search methods and affordable cost model source top candidates. Compare hourly rates to traditional 25% fees for a requisition’s salary—you’re saving thousands.

Revenue-Generating Roles

If you have gaps in your sales and marketing teams, you’re losing money. Don’t miss out on new leads and customers; turn to our professional recruiters to source sales representatives, account executives, marketing specialists, content experts, and more.  

Cost Range
High-Volume: $1k-$3k
Standard: $3k-$10k
Technical: $6k-$12k
Executive: $12k-$20k
Time to Fill
High Volume: 1-2 days
Standard: 15-30 days
Technical: 36 days
Executive: 44 days
On-Demand Recruiting
Use IsoTalent as necessary;
pause between requisitions
Distributed Hiring
Remote, Hybrid, and In-Office
Domestic and International

We know there’s both art and science to running a sales and marketing team. Our professionals source candidates with the right balance of intuition, analytical insight, and technical expertise for your team. Get in touch to fill a position for:

  • Vice President or CTO Executive Roles
  • Marketing Project Managers
  • Customer Success Roles
  • Account Executives
  • Sales Development Reps
  • Consultants
  • Sales and Marketing Managers
  • Data Analysts and Tech Experts
  • Content Specialists and Graphic Designers
  • Events Managers

When screening for sales and marketing roles, IsoTalent works with the following criteria:

  • Proof of education or training in sales leadership, marketing, business, graphic design, or relevant creative fields (or work equivalent)
  • Proven track record expanding brand awareness, generating leads, increasing conversion rates, and producing top-quality sales and marketing assets
  • Aligning a candidate’s experience, desired compensation range, and qualifications with your business goals
  • Reducing time to fill to ensure efficient onboarding and retention of your current team

IsoTalent has an extensive network of sales and marketing candidates throughout the Intermountain West and remote candidates all around the globe. Talk to a recruiter to fill these lead-generating roles today.

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