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IsoConnect’s ATS allows you to work with our professional recruiting team and access an extensive network of candidates. Whether you’re looking for software engineers, IT executives, or tech experts, we have the pipeline to fill your most critical roles.

Software Developer Recruiters

Hiring locally or remote? IsoTalent's proven search methods and affordable cost model source top candidates. Compare hourly rates to traditional 25% fees for a requisition’s salary—you’re saving thousands.

Our IT Recruiting Team

Our recruiters specialize in placing technical and executive roles for the region's most promising startups, high-growth SaaS industries, and pre-IPO companies. If you need specialized talent to build your software, marketing platform, or automation service, bring in the pros.

Cost Range
High-Volume: $1k-$3k
Standard: $3k-$10k
Technical: $6k-$12k
Executive: $12k-$20k
Time to Fill
High Volume: 1-2 days
Standard: 15-30 days
Technical: 36 days
Executive: 44 days
On-Demand Recruiting
Use IsoTalent as necessary;
pause between requisitions
Distributed Hiring
Remote, Hybrid, and In-Office
Domestic and International

Our professionals source IT candidates with the ideal blend of technical expertise, creativity, and collaborative work ethic for your team. Get in touch to fill a position for:

  • Vice President or CTO Executive Roles
  • IT Project Managers
  • DevOps Roles
  • Cybersecurity Engineers
  • Artificial Intelligence Roles
  • Systems Engineering Managers
  • Hardware Technicians
  • Help Desk Support
  • Network Admins and Engineers
  • Business Analysts

When screening for IT roles, IsoTalent works with the following criteria:

  • Proof of education or training in computer sciences (or work equivalent)
  • Proven track record assessing diagnostics and functionality of complex systems for monitoring, compliance, and security
  • Aligning experience and qualifications with your business goals
  • Reducing time to fill to reduce lags in your IT processes

IsoTalent has an extensive network of IT candidates throughout the Intermountain West and remote candidates all around the globe. Talk to a recruiter to fill these technical roles today.

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