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Customer service roles are essential to any startup or high-growth business strategy. Without knowledgeable and helpful representatives, you risk a disconnect between your product and users. Customer service specialists help you nurture relationships, foster loyalty, and create positive touchpoints for your most engaged audience. They’re also a key element of your market research and insight strategy.

Customer Service Representative Recruitment

Hiring locally or remote? IsoTalent's proven search methods and affordable cost model source top candidates. Compare hourly rates to traditional 25% fees for a requisition’s salary—you’re saving thousands.

IsoTalent’s professional recruiting team gives you access to an extensive network of candidates. From customer service reps to success managers, we have the pipeline to fill your most critical roles.

Fill a Customer Service Role

You may be a high-growth startup looking to fill 10-12 call center agents. You may be an industry veteran in the midst of a merger or expansion. You might be restructuring a coaching program or launching a new platform, or outsourcing your team to a remote or international workforce. Whatever your scope and roadmap, we have the candidate pipeline to source roles fast, efficiently, and affordably.

Cost Range
High-Volume: $1k-$3k
Standard: $3k-$10k
Technical: $6k-$12k
Executive: $12k-$20k
Time to Fill
High Volume: 1-2 days
Standard: 15-30 days
Technical: 36 days
Executive: 44 days
On-Demand Recruiting
Use IsoTalent as necessary;
pause between requisitions
Distributed Hiring
Remote, Hybrid, and In-Office
Domestic and International

Common customer service roles you may be missing from your team:

  • Customer Experience Manager
  • Customer Advocate
  • Chief Customer Officer
  • Customer Support Representative
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Call Center Agent
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Customer Support Engineer
  • Customer Support Manager

When screening for sales and marketing roles, IsoTalent recruits with the following criteria:

  • Proof of experience and up-to-date training in best practices for customer inquiries, complaints, and ticket handling
  • Proven track record resolving conflict and working in a team environment
  • A highly competent and positive work ethic; signs the candidate can work with human error and drive solutions with alacrity and empathy
  • Aligning a candidate’s experience, desired schedule and compensation range, and qualifications with your business goals
  • Reducing time to fill to ensure efficient onboarding and retention of your current team

IsoTalent has an extensive network of customer service candidates throughout the Intermountain West and remote candidates all around the globe. Talk to a recruiter to fill these market-facing roles today.

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