Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources

DEI hiring tools for Hiring Managers, HR Teams, and start-up founders.

Understand Benefits of DEI

From better hiring to increased retention, investing in DEI pays off.

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Develop a DEI Hiring Strategy

A big-picture summary of diversity, equity, and inclusion recruitment.

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Create a DEI Statement

How to write, implement, and measure impact of a DEI mission statement.

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Increase Revenue
Investing in DEI can increase your team revenue by 30%
Streamline Sourcing
Sourcing for diversity creates a more robust pipeline of job candidates
Build Your Team
Diverse hiring has direct impact on your team's retention and engagement.
Improve Public Relations
Investing in DEI efforts elevates branding and PR strategy.

Hiring for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion helps in all areas of your business, including:

  • Quality of Job Candidates
  • Screening Efficiency
  • Revenue Strategy
  • Team Engagement and Retention
  • Public Relations
  • Building Distributed and Hybrid Teams
  • Innovation and Collaboration
  • Mission and Values

When recruiting for diverse hires and specialty requisitions, IsoTalent works with the following criteria:

  • Proactive screening methods to maintain a robust and up-to-date candidate pipeline
  • Sourcing through job skills organizations and nontraditional educational and training programs
  • Aligning experience and qualifications with your business goals while sourcing "culture add" candidates
  • Leveraging tech-backed screening methods

IsoTalent White Papers

Industry trends and research related to recruiting, hiring, and retaining diverse talent and upholding inclusive business practices.

Hiring Trends

Insights to boost retention and improve HR efforts.

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Hiring Costs

Managing time and money in the hiring process.

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DEI in Utah

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DEI Resources for Hiring Managers

Tools for sourcing and screening exceptional candidates.

Browse DEI-first Organizations

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Leverage Our Hiring Platform

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Build a DEI Marketing Strategy

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