If your organization has used a recruiting service before, you understand its benefits. Using a recruiter can help you source top candidates, increase your retention, and decrease onboarding and training costs. Whatever your hiring and HR needs, a top recruiting agency adds a serious kick to your network and bandwidth.

But here's the other thing: If you're using an old-school agency model, you're also paying high commission fees for services that (frankly) shouldn't cost that much. IsoTalent provides the same services at half the cost.

To give you a sense of our approach and strategy, here are top recruiting trends for both outsourced and in-house hiring teams we're honing for 2022.


To optimize your hiring and talent acquisition, it's important to maintain a fresh social-media presence. This is one of the first impressions you make for a prospective partner or applicant. You want to portray your team, mission, day-to-day activities, and services in the best possible light.

IsoTalent is not a PR or marketing agency. However, we do offer unique, localized, and easy-to-implement ways to augment your marketing efforts—particularly if you're based in Utah. Get in touch to see how we can help leverage your job ads, cross-promote your openings on social media, and connect you with press options for your startup and growth projects.


The pandemic revealed a major obstacle for hiring teams: To thrive, successful organizations must accommodate remote and distributed workforces. If your organization is already set up for remote hiring, onboarding, and training—congrats! You've likely weathered the transition better than most.

For organizations working to build or update their remote hiring tools, look no further than our team of professional recruiters. Working with candidates and teams from all over the country (and internationally), we've perfected the process of virtual screening and hiring to best meet your hiring objectives.

Hiring remotely is a new normal. It's crucial to update your strategy to attract the best candidates.


Successful onboarding and retention of a new hire relies on clear communication of objectives and requirements. To achieve this, hiring stakeholders and collaborators must have an in-depth understanding of the industry. Here are a few ways IsoTalent stays ahead of the curve:

  • Our recruiting team receives state-of-the-art training for creating job ads, resume reviews, candidate feedback, project estimations, and client resources.
  • IsoTalent recruiters are incentivized to place roles quickly, but their top priority is to get them right. Our approach is built on team analysis, behavioral insights, and careful screening methods to ensure we present candidates you'll love to hire.
  • Our timeline includes a "discovery call" and weekly "calibrator calls" with clients. We're with you every step of the way to hone our search, identify areas for additional research, and cull a list of candidates to fit your needs.

If you're looking to expand or optimize your team in 2022, get in touch. In this jobseeker's market, now is the time to improve the tools, resources, and strategy needed to connect with the best talent available.