The world is a complex place, and no matter how good a business or department is at their job, they can only be as successful as the people behind them. The right employees make all the difference for an organization's bottom line. Many roles have nuances that make it difficult to search for candidates. 2022 has been challenging for employers looking to fill various positions. There are more jobs than candidates, and you have to be fast to recruit the cream of the crop. Organizations that are having trouble locating the perfect fit need to turn to a professional recruiter for help. Here are a few top spots in demand for 2022.

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Customer Support Representatives

A customer support representative or CSR is someone who helps customers. They also have the patience and knowledge to answer questions and help solve problems. You need a particular temperament to excel in this role, since it often means dealing with people who may not be happy.

Many CSRs work with a team to make sure they serve the customers quickly and are happy at the end of the call. It's essential to have someone who can help customers in this role because the team depends on it for success.

There's a lot of training and expense when onboarding a new employee to know your company's policies, products, and services. Customer support representatives have one of the highest turnover rates in any position. Organizations should consider using hiring agencies to fill this position because it's difficult to find the perfect fit, and the wrong choice is expensive. Research shows it costs businesses in the U.S. alone about $13 billion every year.

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Sales Development Representatives

A sales development representative is someone between a CSR and an account executive. Also known as an SDR, the position requires working with customer service and product development to educate and train customers about products, provide help with technical issues or questions, and make sure the client is happy.

SDR positions exist because it's harder for a company to sell products when someone has never heard of them. This position is critical in building the company's brand and getting new customers. Also, since many organizations are harnessing the power of data to reach their customers, an SDR will need to have some knowledge about data.

This job is very specific to your company and might take time to find the right fit. SDRs are another position that has a high turnover. The average person working as a sales development representative has a 1.5-year tenure.

This has teams training someone new every year, which is highly distracting and expensive. There are additional costs in training, lost productivity, and missed sales opportunities. Job recruiting firms can help because finding someone who can do all those tasks, has the proper education and experience, and is easy to work with takes time.

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Account Executives

An account executive is someone who works to sell products and services. It's a more challenging position than a sales development representative because the product has to do well, and customer relations must be good. Finding someone who can effectively manage any scenario and develop a rapport with others takes time.

An account executive makes a big difference in keeping a business going. It's essential that an account executive is someone who gets along with people, can work well in a team, and can handle challenging situations. These positions require training on how to sell what the company offers.

Account executive burnout is a problem in the industry. Choosing the right staff and watching for the signs of excess stress may prevent burnout and reduce turnover.

To find the right candidate, consider working with a recruitment agency. They also need the experience and knowledge to take the position, and it will take time for them to learn your products. You'll be investing a lot of money into your new hire. But it's worth it.

They take the time to screen and find the right person, and they can help you find that candidate faster than if you were to attempt it on your own.

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Software and Data Engineers

It's a good business decision to have software and data engineers on staff because they can build web-based platforms, mobile apps, and internal tools to help the company succeed. They set up, update, and maintain websites and other technology-related tasks for companies.

Software engineers can make or break a business by building the tools that keep the company running. It's essential to find someone who can create new features and update the website without making it crash or break something that was working. Many companies try to save money by hiring freelancers.

While this approach can work for some, a contract worker isn't an employee and won't come with the same benefits as an on-site staff member whose dedication is only to you.

Finding someone who can create the tools to support your business is challenging. However, a professional recruiting agency can save time and money in the long run, making it an excellent investment for your company, no matter how big or small an operation.

Data Analysts

Data analysts work with software engineers and data scientists to ensure the company collects, analyzes, and organizes information. They need to know how to build systems for these tasks and choose the right one.

A data analyst is essential for a business to make money, especially with all the new rules and regulations about keeping information secure. It takes a special person with patience and many years of experience to get the information in the right place, which is why it's better to hire a professional with the right background to make the company run smoothly.

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Data Scientists

Data scientists are the most specialized of these positions. They help organizations make sense of large data sets, find patterns in information to be used for evidence-based decisions, and validate the information.

A data scientist is important for ensuring that everything managers believe about their company is correct and that they make sound business decisions based on good information. Statistics show data scientists also have a high turnover rate, with an average of 1.7 years per job. It's best to hire someone with years of experience with these tasks, which is why it's helpful to use a recruiting agency.

If your business is growing and you need to fill several positions over the next few years, you might want to consider an internal recruiter. Recruitment agencies are helpful because they save time and money while helping the business achieve its goals. They'll be able to handle the process quickly and build a team for your company so you can continue to grow.

IsoTalent is a recruiting firm that can help you with both problems. We actively look for the positions you need while working to fill the internal recruiter position.

Finding the appropriate applicant to work directly with you or your HR department to fill a difficult role isn't as simple as putting up a job listing online. If you need a position filled right away, let us help. Contact us today to find your next great candidate.